Contoh Short Message Disertai Penjelasan, Jenis dan Struktur

Short Message

Pernahkah kalian menuliskan pesan singkat untuk teman atau keluarga? itu adalah contoh short message atau pesan singkat, yaitu merupakan salah satu bentuk komunikasi tertulis yang dapat dilakukan baik dengan menuliskan pesan di selembar kertas maupun melalui media elektronik seperti SMS, email, atau media komunikasi lainnya yang kini semakin berkembang. Short message merupakan salah satu jenis functional text.

Pengertian Short Message

Short message is a message made briefly and sent to someone to inform someone about something or to ask someone to do something. Short message atau pesan singkat merupakan pesan yang dikirim kepada seseorang untuk memberikan suatu informasi atau meminta seseorang melakukan sesuatu. Short message biasanya ditulis dengan gaya bahasa yang santai dan tidak formal, oleh karena itu menuliskan pesan singkat biasanya ditujukan kepada teman atau keluarga. Tujuan komunikatif dari short message adalah menyampaikan informasi atau meminta seseorang melakukan sesuatu secara tertulis. Komunikasi yang baik tentu saja ditunjukkan dengan penerima pesan dapat memahami pesan yang dikirimkan.

Berdasarkan namanya, short message, pesan ini dituliskan secara singkat namun jelas dan panjang pesan tidak lebih dari satu paragraf. Dalam penulisan contoh short message, tidak ada pembukaan maupun penutup pesan yang panjang dan bertele-tele, tetapi langsung kepada intinya. Meskipun demikian, penulisan pesan singkat harus jelas siapa penerima pesan, dan informasi atau instruksi yang disampaikan.

Tujuan Komunikatif Short Message

Short Message

Penulisan short message bertujuan untuk meminta seseorang untuk melakukan sesuatu atau menginformasikan seseorang tentang suatu hal yang tidak dapat disampaikan secara langsung (The purpose of short message is to inform or ask someone to do something. ). Informasi yang dikirimkan akan dapat diterima dengan baik oleh penerima pesan apabila pesan yang disampaikan dituliskan dengan jelas walaupun tanpa bertemu secara langsung.

Jenis Jenis Short Message

Ada beberapa jenis short message, yaitu:

  • Greeting card
  • Memo

Generic Structure Short Message

  • Opening
    Pada bagian ini, dituliskan kata – kata pembuka yang biasanya berupa sapaan diikuti dengan nama penerima pesan (receiver). Contohnya: Hi mom, Dear Julie, Hello Thomas.
  • Purpose
    Pesan yang dituliskan dalam short message berisikan tujuan penulisan pesan, informasi atau instruksi apa yang disampaikan kepada penerima. Dalam short message, pesan dituliskan secara singkat namun jelas.
  • Closing
    Penutup pada short message hanya singkat saja, biasanya berupa ucapan terima kasih “thank you” atau kata – kata penutup lainnya seperti “bye” “see you” “love” dan biasanya diikuti dengan nama penulis pesan (sender).

Contoh Short Message

Contoh 1


Pada contoh short message diatas, pesan ditujukan kepada Sophie dan ditulis oleh ibunya. Dalam pesan diatas, ibunya memberi informasi pada Sophie bahwa akan pulang terlambat karena bekerja lembur. Sophie diminta untuk memasak makan malam dan membantu adiknya mengerjakan PR.

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Contoh 2

An apology for coming late

Hello Mike,

I’m sorry I was late last night. I didn’t see you when I arrived. I thought you must have left because I was one hour late. I was stuck in traffic jam. I lost my phone so that I couldn’t call you. Please come to my house this evening, I’ll go home earlier today and cook dinner.

See you,




Pesan singkat diatas berisikan permohonan maaf karena datang terlambat yang ditujukan kepada Mike dan ditulis oleh Julie.

Contoh 3

Request to borrow some books

Short Message

Hi Issabel,


This Saturday I’ll have English exam but I lost my books and dictionary. I’d like to borrow yours. Could you please lend me? Please text me to my new number 87345962.


Thank you,




Contoh short message yang dikirimkan oleh Charlene dan ditujukan kepada Issabel diatas merupakan pesan singkat yang berisi tentang permintaan untuk meminjam buku.

Contoh 4

Appointment reminder

Dear Mikhael,


Don’t forget we are going to go jogging tomorrow morning. I’ll be waiting for you at the supermarket near the park. I’m going to buy sandwich for breakfast. Would you like some? Don’t be late.


See you there,




Receiver atau penerima pesan pada pesan singkat diatas adalah Mikhael dan dikirim oleh Adel. Pesan singkat diatas berisi tentang pengingat tentang janji untuk pergi jogging.

Contoh 5

Instructions to do something

Dear Zoe,


Your father and I will stay at your grandmother’s house for several days because I need to look after her. Please do house chores and look after your sister while I’m away. Do not leave the house unlocked. Turn all electronics and lights off when you go to school. I left some money if you need to go grocery shopping. Do not leave your sister at home alone.






Pesan singkat diatas ditulis untuk memberikan instruksi yang ditujukan kepada Zoe dari ibunya.

Contoh 6

Give information

Hi Jim,


Why were you absent on math class today? The teacher gave us a lot of homework and she said that we will have a test next week. I leave my notebook in front of your room so that you can take notes and learn for next week test.






Short message dapat digunakan untuk memberikan informasi tanpa bertemu secara langsung seperti pada pesan singkat diatas. contoh short message tersebut dituliskan oleh Tamara dan ditujukan kepada Jim yang berisikan tentang informasi mengenai tes yang akan diadakan minggu depan.

Contoh Soal Short Message

Latihan 1

Answer these following questions based on short message below.


Hi Austin,

I’m going to my grandmother’s house in another city for a week to attend my aunt’s wedding ceremony. I am leaving this city with my family tomorrow morning. I will not come to school for a week. I have informed Mrs. Tina that I’ll be absent. She told me that there will be a lot of tests next week. Can you please lend me your notebooks when I’m back? I’ll be back home on Sunday afternoon and I’ll come to your house to borrow your books.


Thank you,



  1. Who sent the message?
    a) Austin
    b) Mrs. Tina
    c) Ivone
    d) Grandmother
  1. Who is the message for?
    a) Mrs. Tina
    b) Grandmother
    c) Ivone
    d) Austin
  1. What is the message about?
    a) Wedding ceremony invitation
    b) Borrowing books due to being absent for a week
    c) Giving information about test next week
    d) Informing Mrs. Tina about being absent
  1. Why is Ivone going to her grandmother’s house?
    a) To attend her aunt’s wedding
    b) To go on vacation
    c) To do homework
    d) To be absent from school
  1. Who will come to Austin’s house?
    a) Mrs. Tina
    b) Ivone’s family
    c) Ivone
    d) Grandmother
  1. What does Ivone expect Austin to do?
    a) Lend her his notebooks
    b) Inform Mrs. Tina that she is absent
    c) Wait for her to come on Sunday
    d) Help her do her homework
  1. What is the purpose of writing the message?
    a) Congratulating someone
    b) Making appointment
    c) Inviting someone
    d) Asking someone to do something
  1. She told me that there will be a lot of tests next week”. What does the word “she” refer to?
    a) Ivone
    b) Grandmother
    c) Ivone’s aunt
    d) Mrs. Tina
  1. “I have informed Mrs. Tina that I’ll be absent”. The underlined word has the closest meaning to..
    a) Communicate
    b) Conceal
    c) Deceive
    d) Warn
  1. Which of the following statement is not true according to the text?
    a) Ivone will be back home on Sunday.
    b) Ivone will be absent for several days.
    c) Austin is Ivone’s classmate.
    d) Ivone and her grandmother live in the same city.

Latihan 2

Read the short message below and answer the questions.


Short message 1

To Grade XII students,

Mathematics exam will be held on Wednesday, February 20. Please read your book starting from chapter 1 to chapter 5. You are not allowed to bring calculator and books during examination. Borrowing stationary during examination will not be allowed. Use pencils instead of pens. No pens or correction pens allowed.

Thank you,

Mr. Hwang


  1. From the text we know that..
    a) Students are allowed to use calculator during examination.
    b) Students have to bring their own stationary.
    c) Students are able to use pens.
    d) It is an open book exam.
  1. What is the purpose of math teacher of writing that message?
    a) To inform the students about the rules of examination.
    b) To tell the students the schedule.
    c) To allow students using calculator and borrowing pencils during examination.
    d) To persuade students to study.
  1. “Use pencils instead of pens”. What does this sentence mean?
    a) Students are able to use pencils or pens.
    b) Students are not allowed to use pencils.
    c) Students are suggested to use pencils.
    d) Using pens is allowed.


Short message 2

Dear Hanum,

I have booked two tickets to fly to Doha, Qatar for next month flight. I am still looking for the hotel for us to stay there for a week. I think a hotel near the beach would be great. Please prepare your passport and your clothes.

See you,



  1. Which is not true according to the message?
    a) They will fly to Doha.
    b) Hanum booked the tickets.
    c) Hana is still looking for the hotel.
    d) They are going to stay in Doha for a week.
  1. What is the message about?
    a) Inviting Hanum to go on vacation.
    b) Informing Hanum about the tickets.
    c) Asking Hanum to book a hotel.
    d) Informing Hanum the price of the tickets.
  1. How will they go to Doha?
    a) By bus
    b) By train
    c) By plane
    d) By car


Latihan 3

Analyze the generic structure of this short message below.

Latihan 4

Answer the following questions based on the short message below.

  1. Who is the message addressed to?
  2. When is the school orchestra held?
  3. When does the rehearsal start?
  4. Where is the rehearsal held?
  5. Who is supposed to come to the rehearsal?
  6. Why does Jelena write this short message?
  7. What is the possible relationship between the sender and receiver?
  8. What will happen if they come late to rehearsal?

Latihan 5

Your friend borrowed your book last month and she hasn’t returned it until now. You are going to have a test and need your book to learn. Write a short message to your friend to return your book. Ask your friend to meet you somewhere and decide the time.

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